Your House Your Health

(Limited to 12 students so please email me for a place)

Electromagnetic and Geopathic Energies


Speaker: Roy Riggs BSc. International Institute of Building Biology & Ecology

Venue: Vallance Community Centre, Conway Court, Clarendon Road, Hove, East Sussex,  BN3 3WR


[10 minute walk from Hove Station]

  • Introduction and Outline of presentation

  • Earth Energies: Ground voltage, Geomagnetic fields,White noise

  • Sleeping Earthed

  • Household AC electric and magnetic fields [50-60 Hz]

  • Transformers & Dirty Electricity

  • DC Earth geomagnetic anomalies

  • Radon Gas in the Home

  • Geopathic Stress

  • Air quality measurement 

       Lunch break

  • Techno-stress at Radio and microwave frequencies [700 MHz- 2.4 GHz]

  • 5G in the real world: [700 MHz - 28 GHz]

  • Mobile phones

  • DECT phones

  • WI-FI

  • Mobil phone masts

  • Dirty electricity

  • Demonstration of various instruments in measurement various types of EMF/ electromagnetic energies.


Certification of Satisfactory Completion for each student

At the end of the Techno-pathic Stress workshop participants should have gained sufficient experience and technical knowledge to carryout Techno-pathic surveys in their own, friends and client’s homes with some degree of confidence and to be able to distinguish man-made electromagnetic influences from natural geopathic influences. Cost: £70 payment on day at entry, but must book place in advance as there will be 16 places per each course. 

My mobile: 07960505134 Web:

There will be two provided tea/coffee breaks during each session.

Please bring your own lunch or use local cafes or shops

Cost of course £70.00. Payable on entrance. Bookings in advance only by emailing me: Limited to first 16 persons only.

Free One day parking voucher  for R Zone opposite the venue collect on entry.