My client Feedback Earthing

Some recent feedback some clients have sent me after sleeping earthed

Hi Roy,


Firstly, feedback re my earthing sheet. I found from the first time of using it an improvement in my energy level. I now go all day without an afternoon nap!


Sometime ago i bought from you an earthing pad which I used in my cats' special chair. He loves it and seems to know precisely when he needs to sit on it.

I have started using it myself because I have been doing a lot of work on my computer. So William, my cat has started sleeping in my bed the moment I get up!


Would it be possible to order another one from you and I can then let William have his back. Also my friend Valerie Needham would also like one if it is possible to send that one directly to her.

Many thanks,


Dear Roy 


Thank you so much . I received my Earthing Sheet yesterday and used it for an hour and a hall in the afternoon and felt the energy waves within 2 minutes and then slept on the sheet throughout the night and I am so grateful.


I have less pain than I've had for months and therefore more energy...I was whimpering like an animal last week and pulling myself along the hall door handle by door handle like a paraplegic so this is a miracle already!


This morning I have moved five underbed containers with the help of my walking frame into a cupboard in readiness for carpet fitters.


I will rest on my sheet again this afternoon as I am realistically tired but NOT almost devoid of even an iota of energy which has been the experience before.


So the results have been extraordinary.


Please pass on my thanks and blessings to all involved.



Rev Needham


Roy: I would like to thank you for your patience and information shared  with me. I was so disappointed with any and all products made/available here in the USA.  Thank you for providing a quality product that does the job and should last. The USA products have a life expectancy of  2-3 years. 

Your site has more to offer information wise than any other three sites put together!


Thank you and have a great day

Nick Darchik

Roy:  I would like to thank you for providing a quality product that works.


We received the sheet last thursday Feb 1, 2018. I replaced the plug with a U.S. style.  After checking the provided plug, the ground prong tested out at 100K ohms.

I installed a 100K ohm resistor in line with the ground prong.


I have included the first 4 days use and findings... Nothing short of amazing.  

(See attachment)  Feel free to use as a testimonial if you so desire!


I have always been an outdoors person, however the modern products are definitely a hindrance to offering good health.  I expected a "slight improvement" nowhere near that of what both my wife and I have experienced so far in just four days use!  I can't imaging what we will feel like  at the end of a months use!


Again Thank you so very much for offering this product to the USA market.


Nick & Tracy Darchik



Grounding/ Earthing sheet  info:


day  1

Noticed better vision after 1 hr. on sheet, I was able to Clearly see the RED numbers on my alarm clock without the need to squint!  After about 1/2 an hour I also noticed a slight "tingling"  sensation.  very light not unpleasant at all.  About 1/2 hr after that my wife commented on the same sensation!  I had not disclosed my earlier experience. It was also noted that my feet were NOT cold as usual.


day  2

I noticed the slight fog/haze bordering (blooming) around the TV was GONE! I now have a crystal clear view of the program viewed minus the Bloom! It appears to be very warm in bed now,  the thermostat was the same and the heat up stairs was shut off at the usual time! My feet are now out from under the covers.


day  3

Sight improvements have lasted into day time hours with improvements every day!  I now feel "Calm" Thing are not as urgent as in the past!!  My daytime comfort level has improved immensely and I am no longer cold all the time.  We are using less blankets at night.  Feet are still toasty.


day  4

I reduced my supplement need by 1/3 to 1/2 (depending on supplement) using muscle testing to verify quantity.  I had tested just prior to using the Grounding sheet, I will test again in a week. Last night I slept the best I have in quite a while.  My metabolism seems to have gotten a boost as I am tolerating the colder weather much better and not needing to bundle up as much and still remain quite comfortable outdoors.   My wife commented today that her knees were just about pain free!(both replaced 2006 never quite right)  and her back was a lot less painful as well!

Nick & Tracy Darchik




Hello Roy,

I think we met briefly, I am a friend of Rod’s. He has been telling me all about you and your work and his remarkable recoveries and health due to earthing sheets. He made me a cable and lent me a sheet. I have used the sheet for a week and I have been sleeping heavily, falling asleep quickly and having some crazy dreams when I never usually remember dreams. A very bad cut to my thumb has healed remarkably quickly too.


I put the sheet on one of my daughters beds after a week. She started falling asleep quickly having suffered with insomnia and my quality of sleep has deteriorated!  So I have ordered a sheet from you. I will order two more for the girls (teenagers with too much phone time) as soon as I can. I am also going to lend the cable,  as a tester,  to my mum in law who is very interested and suffers from arthritis so Rod may be asking for an agents fee soon! Haha.




Dear Roy,
I hope you are well.
Thank you for coming to Ashgrove Barns.  We love sleeping on our earthing sheet and since you came and suggested we move the bed, I noticed that an achilles heel problem I'd had for a couple of years literally righted itself over night.  How amazing is that?!

Also - wonderfully - I have not had the 'black dog' since we moved the bed.  No longer do I wake up with that 'sinking feeling' before the day has even started.  I have so much to thank you for!

My son has now bought one from you, too.  He says he wakes up every morning feeling totally refreshed.

Hi Roy

We've been using our grounding sheet and have had great results as you
would expect! My circulation has improved immensely, I feel warmer all
the time and my feet are never cold in bed any more. Also I don't get
aches and pains as much when I sit in front of my computer at work for
long hours, which I assume is a sensitivity to EMF's. Also a couple of
elderly people we know have had fantastic results with earthing,
reducing their pain levels from rheumatoid arthritis and other arthritis
type knee pain. Their quality of life has been improved beyond measure,
one was starting to give up but now he's walking on the moors again! He
was grounding himself in the garden daily and using one of those green
rubber antistatic mats.
I've seen a grounding sheet from one of the other companies and
preferred the simple design and sturdiness of your sheet and extras though.
Warm Regards
Hello Roy

just to let you know that I have grown very fond of my earth sheet ~

The weekend it arrived was cool ~ I put it on the bed Saturday pm and felt a tingling in my lower legs and feet ~ I slept like a baby Saturday night and on Sunday felt fine ~ by 12noon I felt rather tired so went back to bed and slept another 4hours!! Since then I have been sleeping very well ~ I used to read in bed before I went to sleep but now I want to sleep straight away ~ I used to wake up 5ish but Im now going on until 6.30am ~ its great!!

Also I do feel different ~ more grounded more conscious so its all good ~ I think this is because I’m not so hyperactive + the weather has been so disappointing ~ I do love the warmth to enable me to swim in the ocean ~
Peace be with you and warm wishes from Sahajo
Dear Roy
Since I purchased the King size grounding sheet last autumn it has been used continually on our bed. I immediately noticed that my husband's sleep habits changed (even though he wasn't aware the earthing sheet was there for several weeks)! He now sleeps more soundly and for longer than he did, and does not rush to get up in the morning. He is a computer technician and is surrounded by EMF fields from computers etc all day long, so I know the sheet is helping to preserve his health with quality recovery time. As for myself, I find the sheet very relaxing and useful to lie on when I need de-stressing, and I do sleep more soundly these days. My son has been borrowing the Meditation mat to sleep on at night; when he was using it for computer work and forgot to replace it on his bed for a few nights, he slept very badly, became depressed, anxious and fatigued; at the same time, my mother had removed her own earthing sheet for washing and experienced exactly same symptoms because she neglected to place the sheet back on the mattress, directly it was clean again! This just goes to show that the earthing sheets are doing sterling work protecting our energy fields on a regular basis. My mother has arthritis and feels much more comfortable at night now, whereas before, the pain in her shoulder would keep her awake often. Many thanks for your help, Love, Angela --------------------------------------------------

 Dear Roy
I tried the grounding pad last night and am sure that my shoulder with the repetitive strain injury is much better. It's been a sore joint for a few years now, probably from over-enthusiastic conducting when I get carried away. The quality of sleep was completely different and I was more rested in the morning.I've told one or two about it and suspect that there might be a market out there.Terry, my colleague is full of physical problems, not least a heart valve problem. I'd like to give him an earthing pad.Could you bring one on Monday please?Also I mentioned it to one class today and one man spoke up wanting to know more about it.  I'll bring him your brochure.Thanks again for such a great present.Jerry

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Roy
I recently bought a double sheet from yourself andjust wanted to say how brilliant it is!  The qualityof my sleep has improved beyond measure, and the 2 ormore hours of sneezing each morning have vanished. I've been recommending the product to everyone.IMany thanks for your help.All the best, Annabel.
 We are all all installed and my eldest son, who shares my sensitivity to these things, reports feeling very relaxed in his bed now and I really felt a sense of draining and relaxation when I first lay on it.  Many thanks - we are most grateful.  I will let you know if we have any other health changes.  Take care
Dear Roy
Thank you for coming to Pennyfield on Monday.  I love the earthing sheet - a different energy that feels very good and I am aware that I am sleeping differently - can't put it into words - I've never slept badly but there is a different quality now.
Best Regards
Hi Roy
Many thanks for remembering to send us this interesting article after such a long day.  We did find your visit fascinating.  We have already felt the benefits of sleeping earthed - I've lost the foggy "thick-headed" feeling which I've had for years and feel I'm mentally much sharper; Tom says he finds it much easier to spring out of bed in the morning, despite the mattress now being on the floor! (We are awaiting delivery of our new wooden bed frame and latex mattress.)We moved Ted's bed in accordance with your recommendations and we have immediately noticed that he no longer wakes crying in the night. Isn't that interesting? As a result, he's better rested in the morning.
Many thanks again.
Alex & Tom

Dear RoyMany thanks for the grounding pad.I just thought you might be interested to know thatnot only am I still feeling very cheerful, but thatwhen I went for a scan a month ago the doctor was verynegative and told me that because they could only seethree ovary follicles I was likely to be running outof time to have children. However, last week - afterusing the bed earthing mat for 2 or 3 weeks - I wentfor another scan and they were very surprised to find13 follicles, which they said meant that we're notrunning out of time at all. I suppose it's possiblethat something else caused this rather dramaticchange, but I can't help thinking it might be the bedearthing mat.

Dear Roy,
We are having very deep sleeps now. Also when our children sleep as well.

Hello Roy .. have been enjoying your product for the last 5 wks now and have to say i've become so attached to it i'm wanting to pack it to take with me on holiday ! My night sweats have just stopped its so strange but i just love to even have a nap on it now for half hour in the middle of the day ( its like re-charging my batteries ! ) and i sleep on it every night .. Bless You.

Hi Roy,
Hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you for my grounding sheet and tell you how I can feel the difference now when I sleep on it. As soon as I lie down I feel a tingling sensation as if a current of some sorts is going through me which calms me down. I still feel it every night and my sleep is tighter and I feel I have more energy in the morning. Amazing stuff this Earth businessJ

Thanks a lot and many regards,

Dear Roy,Many thanks for sending us the grounding mattress pads so quickly ... Florahas already been benefitting from the one you left with us following yourvisit.  She is definitely sleeping more soundly than ever before andfeeling refreshed in the mornings .... not bad for a teenager!
All the best

Hello Roy
I’m just coming back to your email below now that I have been using the grounding blanket for 6 weeks. In the end I stuck with it and left it above the mattress rather than move it underneath. My heart rate settled down after a few days and I have noticed that I sleep much better compared with no blanket and so it was well worth it!

Many thanks, and Happy New Year!

Best wishes,

you came to survey our house last year after a recommendation from Nim Barnes. We had suffered 6 miscarriages in a row including one even after we had followed the Foresight vitamin and mineral program.  You found an underwater stream running under our house so we moved our bed across the room.  We also installed an earthing mat on the end of our bed. 
 We now have a 3 week old baby girl.  Of course we can not be 100% sure that our healthy girl is down to you and the changes you recommend as we have made other changes too, but even so we would like to say a big THANKYOU and have recommended you to many of our friends already.  
Sharon & Darren

Dear Roy
Firstly to say that my earth sheet continues to amaze me and the results of sleeping on it become stronger and stronger which is marvelous. 
We have now sold our house - yippee - and have found a lovely house in the village of Sunninghill.  I have a really good feeling about it and hope to be in a position soon to ask you to come and check it out.  My daughters health has improved with the earth sheet too and she continues to sleep on my sons floor for the time being.
All the best

Hi RoyMany thanks for the grounding sheet. I have been sleeping wonderfully  since using it, and hopefully my unborn baby is getting some benefit  too.

Dear Roy

We both want to thank you so much for finally making sense of my unresolved problems with our ‘unhealthy’ house. Practically measuring the voltage etc was brilliant because it enabled us both to understood in a way we never have before. Thank you for all your patience in explaining so clearly to us, when we didn’t understand. We are going ahead with all your recommendations; already I am feeling the benefits of my bed-buddy.
Dear Roy,How are you?I have been sleeping much better since sleeping grounded, and the pain in my joints have completely vanished! Thank you so much for that! We have been using your lectures and your advices to patient at University Polyclinic and I have two patients that became better already. I would like to thank you for them!Best wishes,Angela
Good Evening RoyI purchased a large earthing sheet  a couple of months ago.  My husband was just recovering from an operation and I thought that this would assist in his recovery.  This has certainly been the case and we are delighted with this result - thank you for your help.
Kind Regards

Hi Roy, I just wanted to thank you for sending the additional length of wire and for introducing us to grounding.  We seem to be sleeping a lot more deeply these days and I don't feel so tired during the day after a late night.Kind regardsKeith

Hi Roy
 Many thanks for the workshop.  I am very inspired.
 I really noticed a difference last night when I slept on the earthing sheet, it was like being a child again with lots energy in the morning.

Hi Roy,
Just a quick note to thank you for your advice during our house survey and for getting our king-size grounding  sheet to us so quickly! We now have it up and running (and under the top sheet only!).
I do seem to be sleeping better, however its early days yet.
Colin is busy installing our new Devolo dLAN plugs as well, so that we can turn our BT wireless broadband off.  It does make the internet much faster and less likely to drop out and we are happy about this.
We will let you know how we go, I may hire one of those Acousticom things and run around the house with it at some stage to clear out any remaining electro-smog.
Kind regards, Brenda & Colin
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Thanks for that info Roy, I've ordered the book.
(I would like to order another double sheet for a gentleman I work for who has many health issues, cancer, circulatory disorders and is registered blind. He never ever has direct contact with the earth so we hope it might help him.
Monday, 4 October 2010 10:36
Thanks for getting back to me. I'll have to wait a little while before I can get the body voltage measuring kit. Just for your interest, grounding improved the gentleman’s sight whilst on the mat within 5 mins, he is thrilled just for the slight improvement. I will be making him a case study.
Kind regards
Dear Roy,
Thanks For the grounding sheet. Already after 1 night I feel better overall.
Regarding the Siemens phones: which model would you buy if you purchased one now?
Kind Regards,
Thank you Roy,
The sheets arrived in good order yesterday and are already giving 
good results.
Having been awed by the sheet - I shall write a fuller account soon, 
but it's like doing top quality qi gong in one's sleep. Many thanks.

Dear Roy,
Yesterday I heard some very encouraging news from my elder daughter in
Holland. Her daughter, Katie who is 14 has suffered from severe anaemia
for over 6 months and recently was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. 
Through changing her diet inflammatory levels in her blood were reduced
a lot but she recently she a recurrence of a very sore outburst on her
shin. A previous one had taken weeks to heal and she felt very depressed
about it. I'd sent Lindsey one of our earthing sheets and after sleeping
on it for one night, Katie noticed the lump had stayed the same size.
After sleeping earthed for only 5 days, Katie says it is healing up and
she is having really deep refreshing sleeps foe the first time for years
almost! I am so thrilled for them all. Now Daniel, her brother wants a
bed sheet too as he finds sleeping hard!
I will send Lindsey one too!
For me earthing to the ground has made a huge difference.
Dear Roy
Thank you so much for the very fast supply and delivery of the grounding sheet. I am very impressed with how well it works. I felt a strong tingling sensation on first night of use and woke with high energy levels. I will let you know of further benefits with continued use. Thank you once again.
Kind Regards
Hi Roy Hope you’re well.  I’ve been using the grounding sheet now for about six weeks and wanted to give you some feedback (I waited six weeks because you said to give it that long but I have seen some quite surprising results and very quickly). 1.       After the first night I actually woke up feeling awake rather than tired which had been a problem for me for some time.  Just this makes a huge difference to everything because I feel that I’m now walking around with my eyes fully opened.2.       I have a spot in my left shoulder muscle which is where my tension seems to go.  Even when I’m in bed and totally relaxed I can feel the know in my left shoulder.  After a couple of days that went too.  It still comes back but, once I’m in bed, it seems to disappear pretty quickly.3.       (This is the bit I’m excited about).  I have suffered from Raynauds in my hands and feet since I was a teenager.  It’s a debilitating condition where the blood supply to the extremities switches off for some reason giving hands/fingers/feet/toes a white look with no feeling and difficult movement.  Then, at some point the blood supply comes on again and blood rushes into the area making it look black.  This is when it gets painful too.  For many years I would probably have one or two attacks a day in the summer and numerous ones in  the winter with some lasting up to an hour.  I can’t tell you how frustrating it is.  It’s hard to use a computer, difficult to prepare food in case you cut yourself and just hard to do anything with your hands at all.Now, I’m writing this to you in November and I probably average one or two attacks a week and they last just minutes.  I haven’t done anything different so I assume it’s the grounding that’s made a difference.  I’ve also notice that I don’t seem to feel the cold as much but will continue to watch that one.So, I’m a very happy person with almost fully functioning circulation.  A benefit which was completely unexpected.  I hope you can use my feedback if you have anyone else with similar problems.Many thanksJackie

Dear Roy,We actually spoke a few weeks ago and I have been recommending  earthing blankets to my clients after our conversation and reading Earthing book.I saw Joanna Gates (who is one of my clients) today and she has commented on the exceptional difference both her and her husband have experienced since sleeping on the blanket and hence, I thought it was about time I ordered my own!! Many thanks,GAIL LUMMIS DNNAdvanced Health Screening & Nutritional Screening
Hi RoyThanks for your reply. I find the grounding sheet very comforting, and it seems to be helping the thrush I've suffered with for a year, so hopefully that will continue to improve.
Many Thanks

Dear Roy
Many thanks for the grounding sheet.
With it I have noticed a definite improvement in my sleep pattern and
feel more grounded.
Best wishes
Patrick Allen

Thank you Roy,
 Just to say that I have been standing on the earth with bare feet for an hour a day, half hour in the morning and the same at night, this I have done for two days, Chronic pain in my left shoulder joint that I have suffered for the last three years has completely gone, it is amazing. I was quite skeptical at first. I was diagnosed two years ago with non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I usually have a huge energy drop around mid afternoon, on a daily basis, The tiredness is what comes with the illness, Today the energy drop never happened, again I'm amazed.
 Kind regards, John.

Dear Roy,
Apologies for not writing sooner to advise you of safe delivery of “Grounding Sheet”, but I wanted to wait a few weeks to let you know what we thought of the sheet.
For many years I have suffered with headaches and migraines. More recently it has been morning headaches, and it seemed every day I was taking tablets to stop them.
I couldn’t wait to try the sheet, and having always been an impatient person, was really disappointed when the following two mornings I woke with a headache! The very next day I had No headache, and this has continued for several weeks now. It has  to be the sheet. I am absolutely delighted.  I find I am sleeping much longer, and waking refreshed.
My daughter Susan already had one of your sheets, and her and her husband have never felt better.
I have told so many people, and thank you so much for improving the quality of my life.

Hi Roy,
As a fibromyalgia sufferer for many years I have always struggled with circulation problems. I have always slept in socks and if i dare to remove them am renowned for having blocks of ice for feet....
It's now a week since your visit and I have slept on top of the sheet every night.
The first three days were awful - just like you had indicated I might I felt totally wiped out, like my condition was flaring. The detox type symptoms felt emotional as well as physical in that everything was an effort and by the third day I was tearful (we have just had a bereavement to be fair).
Yesterday was the first day I felt brighter.
I experienced tingling sensations in my feet and lower legs but not painful like pins and needles. By night 3 I was removing the covers because my feet were too hot! And it was 0 degrees! Unheard of for me and has to be the effect of the sheet.
For anyone with a chronic condition like myself, albeit I am largely recovered, I would suggest making time for a few rough days but the effects are worth it. I have never felt warm in bed here in the UK before save for in an electric blanket. And how good to get rid of that!
I am excited about what other positive effects might come through sleeping earthed and have been telling all my friends about it.
I am happy for any of this to be used if helpful to you Roy.

Kindest Regards
Hi RoyI do hope this finds you well.  I just wanted  to say how different I feel now that we have changed the phones, wifi and sleeping and sitting on the conductive sheeting.  I sleep better, more alert, wake up more alive....  I have also read the book 'Earthing' cover to cover and connect with it so much that I have bought my dad a copy and sent it to him in SA Warmest regardsKerry-Lyn
Dear RoyI've just sent you payment for another order - this time a double/king size sheet. The single I recently ordered was for my elderly mother who has crippling rheumatoid arthritis. In just one week of use her knees, ankles and feet have improved considerably and she is in much less pain.
Kind regardsAlastair

Hello Roy
I am Alastair’s mother and I got a sheet on Tuesday which Alastair sent for. I used it the first night and couldn't believe the results.  I have rheumatoid arthritis and have had a lot of pain in my right knee and hip which has been so very bad.  After only the one night my knee no longer hurt the following morning and I am amazed !  I really look forward to bedtime and can't wait to get my feet on the sheet for my 'top-up' !  I have recommended it to my daughter so she may be getting in touch with you.   The sheet I have ordered is for my husband. It is his birthday on Tues. and I could think of no better gift.  Thank you for such a wonderful product. 


Dear Roy,

Hope you are keeping well and busy with the wonderful work you do. About 4 months ago I was not well. So painful to get out of bed in the morning and also walking was difficult and painful. Then I found out that my earthing sheet wasn't connected. It took me two days to be my own self again. So thank you Roy


Dear Roy

Gill here from Church Row in Lewes with an update some months after your visit. Since having the sheet on the bed I have noticed some real improvements in the joint inflammation which was starting on my hands. The bumps have reduced and are no longer red sore -  hurrah! Sleep patterns are getting better but it has taken some time as you advised it would. I am looking at Circadian rhythms as a contributory factor as well and of course it will take some months for these to begin to fall into place so a work in progress! Sleep overall is more restful for sure so many thanks.