Duel Protection

Because of the special quality of the weave and the arrangement of the high content metallic fibers your earthing sheet is also designed to protect the body from microwave EMF pollution. When laying on top of the earthing sheet the part of the the body covered will be protested by any WI-Fi DECT or other high frequencies coming from the apartment or flat below. If the the whole area of the bed was covered with the super-king size 6' 8" x 5' the whole body would be protected from frequencies coming from below as they will simply rebound off the fabric. This will not protect from frequencies coming from other directions unless you wrap the earthing sheet around you. See data sheet for earthing sheet below. This duel purpose is unique to my earthing sheets only.

In the frequency range of 150 KHz,-6GHz the attenuation of electromagnetic energy will keep within 32 dB – 38 dB.  Experiments have shown that the electromagnetic shielding fabric will effectively reduce all currently produced electromagnetic radiation.  See comparison table below:

  The shielding fabric will protect the body from any microwave frequencies from electronic equipment rising from floors below the sleeping area. This duel function is unique to this fabric.

Tetra:  Frequency 400 MHz Power Reduction 99.92%

GSM:   Frequency 900 MHz Power Reduction 99.97%

GSM:   Frequency 1800 MHz Power Reduction 99.97%

DECT:  Frequency 1900 MHz Power Reduction 99.8%

UMTS/3-4G;  Frequency 2100 MHz Power Reduction 99.94%

WI-Fi:  Frequency 2400 MHz Power Reduction 99.91%

Wi/Max:  Frequency 5600 MHz Power Reduction 98.42%

Geopathic Stress Shielding

The majority of aquatic subterranean geopathic stress frequencies lay within the low VHF frequency zone. This underground flow can be aggravated by negative vortex influences from transformers and electric fields from overhead electricity pylons. These can influence base frequencies well into the microwave band.. Your radiation proof shielding fabric has a shielding effectiveness from 0-6 GHz, which covers most of these frequencies.