Home Surveys EMF & Geopathic
Cost of Survey: Up to 4 bedroom house £285+ return travel from Hove.

These surveys are carried out both in the UK and over seas. I have visited most European countries and places further afield such as South Africa, North America and Saudi Arabia.

Thank you for your interest in a geopathic and electromagnetic house survey. Properties are surveyed for both geopathic and electromagnetic energies and assessed according to the guidelines set out by the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology which takes into consideration the non thermal affects of pulsed electromagnetic radiation unlike government guidelines which only take into consideration thermal effects.  Normally a 3-4  bedroom house will take about 2 hours to complete together with report and advice for any remedial action if found necessary. Larger houses will take longer to survey.

Survey costs depend on how far I have to travel from my home town of Hove to the venue and how large the house or flat is as it takes longer to survey a 10 bedroom house than it does to a typical 3-4 bedroom house which most of us own. To simplify the matter I have cone up with the following formulae:

  •  Cost of a geopathic & electromagnetic survey up to a 4 bedroom dwelling:  £295.00 plus return travel from Hove Station


Normally a survey takes about 2 hours to complete together with a report and advice for remedial action if found necessary.
If you have a house bigger than 4 bedrooms then add £35 on top for each bedroom. I survey the whole house not just bedrooms.
Travel costs is the price of my return standard rail ticket from Hove to your nearest station where someone will meet me. 

If my total journey time is over 5 hours then there is an extra £50 to pay.

A typical home survey measuring both geopathic and electromagnetic fields of influence usually takes about two hours to complete. 


What is covered: 


  • Geopathic stress

  • Earth DC Geomagnetic anomalies at sleeping places

  • AC household electric fields

  • AC household magnetic fields

  • Primary Radon Gas count

  • Your body voltage will be measured at sleeping place relative to ground as an indication to electro-stress.

  • All microwave frequencies measured in the house from both external and internal influences: Such as. WI-FI, DECT cordless phones, mobile phone masts, baby monitors and alarms and any other microwave frequency emitting devices.

  • Influence of nearby sub-stations 

  • Air Quality check: Particulate matter, VOC, Formaldehyde.

The evaluation of measurements taken will be interpreted relative to risk factors according to the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology who take in to account the non-thermal influences of electromagnetic fields and not current government ICNIRP standards of public exposure that only take into consideration the thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation.
At the end of the survey I will be able to advise you, if necessary, on what you have to do to turn your house back into a natural healthy environment without compromising your need to use home computers and other electronic equipment.
The three measurable major benchmarks of a healthy home is:

  1. The sound of natural background radiation (white noise) throughout the house and not the incessant hums of man-made electronic radiation.

  2. A stable and natural earth magnetic profile at your sleeping place.

  3. A stable and natural body voltage and earth connection at your sleeping place.