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 Superior Earthing Sheets with Duel Protection

To pay by credit or bank card just click on the BUY NOW button at top of page.In the Description box just say what it is you want to buy: example 1  double 1 single. Do not enter £ sign just the figure.In the box underneath just enter total price of item/s you wish to buy and click on Continue

Pictured above is a double size earthing sheet with  earthing lead (3 meters) and 100K Ohm earthing plug.

These are superior earthing sheets produced  by myself cottage workshop not factory made.
 Fabric mix> 70% polly-cotton 30% stainless steel fibers. They are very robust and washable with no deterioration in conductivity as I have been using mine for over 12 years and still in full working condition. Because of the high conductivity they can be place under the sheet you sleep on as no direct contact is needed. Must be placed under one sheet only. Any bare part of the body above 4 square inches of earthing fabric will earth you fully so no need to cover the whole of the bed. Best to place on lower part of bed. Please click on button below to read about the unique EMF duel protection my sheets offer.

Cost of Super King-size: 150x200cm £175

Cost of Double: 150x100cm £98

Cost of Single: 75x100cm £68

Cost of earthing pad:  37cmx47cm £48         

 All prices include the earthing plug lead and posting UK only. (Outside UK posting is £12 extra sent International Signed For)