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5G in the Real World




Roy Riggs BSc.

I have been a guest speaker on geobiology: (the science of specific location and disease) at London Westminster University’s School of Integrative Medicine, The British College of Osteopathic Medicine, The Royal Homeopathic Hospital London, Foresight- (The Association of Preconception Care), The British Society of Dowsers, Earth Energy International Seminar Vilnius Lithuania, EMF International Conference Bolney, Arnica-Women’s Health Conference Kingston. I have also  been elected as a member of Earth Energy Science Committee for The Baltic Dowser’s Association Lithuania.


For the past 17 years as a professional EMF consultant (International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology) I have been measuring and advising on how to reduce the various types of man-made EMF emissions and other natural types of radiation normally found in homes which relate to over 1,300 records within the UK and other diverse places such as, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, America, Saudi Arabia, UK Ireland and South Africa.

There is a vast amount of misinformation, bad science, and hysteria on the internet concerning the new 5th Generation of mobile phone mast technology. I have always been puzzled by people that say “Ban 5G” What do they actually mean by the word ‘5G’? To clarify: it has two meanings. Firstly, it is a definition:

‘The 5th generation of mobile phone technology with ability to deliver mobile services at minimum delay to no delay (zero latency)’

You can’t put that definition under a microscope or examine it with a spectrometer because all you will see is two blank screens or fresh air.

If you want to ban something it has to be tangible and you have to know what that tangibility is. So, let’s look at the other 5G which means, '5 Gigahertz or 5 billion cycles of electromagnetic radiation per second' which can easily be viewed and analysed. It is used as a carrier wave for voice, pictures and videos.  This, the real 5G has been in millions of homes for over 10 years in the form of the higher frequency DECT cordless phones and Modem routers without apparent issue until it recently became fashionable to hold up a placard banning 5G or 5th Generation of mobile phone masts which ironically don’t use the frequency of 5 GHz. Below is a breakdown of the new 5th Generation frequencies which shows how they differ from the 4G mast frequencies of between 800 MHz-2.6 GHz.

Ofcom: UK Communications Regulator

‘Enabling 5G in the UK’

Made of 3 Spectrum bands

·       Low: 700 MHz (0.7GHz)  (Lower than 3G at 2.1 GHz. To be used for remote areas, the longer wave length enabling country folk to have have the same download speeds as city dwellers.

·       Medium: 3.4- 3.8 GHz (Primary band for GB and Europe). This is what you get in your homes together with the existing 4G 2.6 GHz from all the new 5G masts in towns and cities throughout the UK.

·       High: 26-28 GHz. (mm Pioneer band licensed for test & innovative company trials only) A pretty feeble frequency that can only travel a 100 meters or so and hasn’t the ability to go through a newspaper, falling leaf or the clothes you are wearing. Great advantage the mast can handle up to a 1000 times more data at lighting speeds providing you are within range providing  there is nothing between you and your phone. Main use: Industry, faster robotics and innovative medical use.  If you would like to learn about the UK's 5G frequencies in greater detail then go to the link above.


UK 5G Frequencies

Types of Radiation Frequencies within your Home

I have added this to show you how the new 5G mast radiation [3.4 to 3.6 GHz] that is able to enter your house has to compete with other home-based frequencies.

·       New DECT 5G cordless phones and modem /The new generation of modem operating at 5.8 GHz.

·       Heat from Radiators thermostatically operating from low to high settings at 400-1400 GHz.

·       Your own body heat at near infra-red: 300GHz

·       Lowest dimmer light setting: 20,000 GHz

Perhaps the ban the 5G brigade on reading this would like to ban the common light bulb instead and plunge the 21st century into candlelight?

5G Misinformation

The Journal of Science states that  ‘False news is 70% more likely to be tweeted than true stories’

(Below: Only a small sample of the false news)


‘5G relies primary on the bandwidth or the mm wave'. 

As you can see from the Ofcom report above; the Primary bandwidth for GB and Europe is isn't 30GHz + but 3.4-3.8GHz 

'Mast on every lamp post using never before tested mm wavelengths.’ 

If you wanted to download anything from a mm wavelength mast you will have to go out side your house with a chair and sit under the lamppost  to download your material as mm wavelengths can’t even penetrate a leaf never mind your house bricks.

‘Never before tested technology’ 

MIMO technology: using more than one mast within a mast area structure to combine and so strengthen the signal and also to phase the signal in different directions where it is most needed was derived from ground to air radar tracking which has been with us for at least 50 years and has been ever increasing with increase of air traffic. Also happens naturally in every household 24/7 with any frequency emanating from your cordless phone or Wi-Fi modem which rebounds off anything metal then can double up to either create a constructive or a destructive wave. This is why I can measure high and low reception in different parts of a room. If you want to learn more about MIMO then click here: ​​MIMO

Radio Frequency (RF) therefore 5G is a World Health Authority (WHO) Category 2B Possible Carcinogen

The World Health Organization (WHO) 2B classifies radio frequency, therefore, 4G- 5G and all commercial radio stations (dare we ever listen to Capital Radio again?) as a possible carcinogen but with insufficient evidence to classify RF as a 1B carcinogen which is based on 'Direct Evidence'  Also, within the same 2B category you will find 'preserved vegetables' and 'talcum powder.' (Pickled onions, coleslaw, sauerkraut and your humble gherkin must therefore be  as equally dangerous?). WHO's Category 1B 'Direct Evidence' as being carcinogenic: which states, amongst other items ,  'Alcohol and Processed meats.'

That is, according to WHO ‘Eating a ham sandwich is twice as dangerous then exposing yourself to 5G radio frequencies!


I have entered this in context as it is often thrown at me that WHO having classified RF as a carcinogen (they always miss out ‘possible’) is a good enough reason to ban 5G. Also, please note that the ability to preserve meats and vegetables have saved millions of lives from starvation during at the last three centuries or more and will continue to do so in both near and far future.


Examples of some 5G Mast: If you want to see what 5G masts look like click here. 5G Masts


Because there are more 5G transmitters, each can run at lower power levels than the previous 4G technology, which means that the level of radiation exposure from 5G masts will be lower. This can be shown by one of my recent real-world case studies when this London Church which had 4G masts installed in its tower, changed from 4G to 5G masts located in the church tower








Case Study; I took this picture from a client’s bedroom window last November because the room had the highest phone mast reading in the house pulsing in peak mode from 0.70 to 2.5 v/m. The masts were inside the church tower directly opposite her window. I came back 6weeks later to remeasure the room at the same time as a week after I left the masts were updated from 4G to 5G.

Because the 5G frequency or wavelength of 3.4 to 3.8 GHz is shorter than the 4G 2.6 GHz the power density did not protrude as far as the 4G mast and therefore I measured a much lower level of radiation in the room in peak mode between 0.05 to 0.70 V/m which as you can see is far lower than the 4G mast .

Chart Showing radiation strength of a phone mast at 100 meters away compared to sitting at a laptop 60 cm away

                                                               Phone Mast.                                     Computer/ Laptop


The BBC1 Panorama programme asked Powerwatch UK to make measurements for a programme on WiFi in schools, broadcast in May 2007. Values of between 0.2 and 1.5 V/m were measured 0.5 metres in front of a laptop downloading a file over the WiFi / wLAN wireless link. To compare at 100 meters from a mobile phone mast averaged between 0.2 - 0.5 V/m which was substantially lower.

If you wanted to reduce the amount of EMF radiation in your home either a 4G or 5G mast would not be your priority. 

As you can see far more radiation is emitted from our laptops whether at home or at school then you will ever get from either a 4 or 5G mast. If you were to measure the radiation from a 5G mast at 100 meters because of the shorter wave form the levels of radiation will be far less. Also, please note that the highest levels or radiation that will emanate from your laptop is when you are downloading information from the internet. Since download speeds from a 5G mast can be up to 80-90% faster than a 4G mast a child downloading information from a 5G mast will receive between 80-90% less radiation than someone downloading from either a 3G or 4G mast. So, from this data alone should we not be switching our protest banners from Banning 5G to banning WI-FI at schools?


                                                                  EMF Measurements in a Average Home

An average home 2018 onwards, as more EMF radiating equipment has become available, will have a background level in each room pulsing on average between 0.05 – 1.5 V/m. The nearer to a DECT cordless phone, WI-FI modem or smart phone the higher it will get. There are always exceptions to the rule. Again, on average about 90% of the EMF radiation in a home will be a result of your DECT, WI-FI and other Wi-FI enhanced equipment such as game consuls, hi-fi equipment and printers. The remaining 10% on average will be from a mobile phone mast​​​.​

Too Much of anything can be bad for you

Weather this is over exposing your body to direct sunshine, drinking too much alcohol or eating too much food the result will always catch you up

Cumulating in skin cancer, alcoholism and obesity. Exposing yourself and children to too much microwave frequency radiation whether from DECT cordless phones, computers or WI-FI enhanced equipment is going to have the same effect that is why I agree with the above chart and venture to say that there is possibly a link between the increase of RF exposure and autism and perhaps many more childhood behavioural disorders. That is why the main object of my EMF surveys is to identify the source of the radiation and show how this can be drastically reduced whilst still being able to use your computers and other 21 century house devices. Advice on how you can do this at the end of this report.

5G and Corona Virus MISINFORMATION

I recently came across an article published on the internet which is probably the worst and most dangerous form of misinformation that I have ever came across in that there is a link between 5G and the corona virus. This nonsense has been widely condemned by both scientists and biologists alike as pure inventiveness without a shred of evidence to support the issue. Please note that Iran has the world’s 6th highest contamination and death rates from corona virus and there not being a single 5G mast erected in the entire country. It is entirely irresponsible for any individual having a personal prejudice, hang-up or hatred for any innovation, ideology, philosophy or race to taint their beliefs with mistruths in order to convince others to share their ill constructed delusions. This type of propaganda is not new and in its worst format was used by Gobbles on the onset of WW2 to taint the Jews as spreaders of both disease and economic ruin which lead to ‘Kristallnacht’ and the murder of 6 million Jews.  Already this false 5G link to corona virus has led to numerous 5G masts being vandalised and burnt in Birmingham, Liverpool Merseyside and Northern Ireland together with numerous reports of attacks on telecommunication mast engineers. No doubt like the corona virus this unjustified vandalism and violence will, if not already, have spread to other countries. Please don’t be socialised to support or believe in this false and most dangerous misinformation




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