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How some mattress springs and metal bed frames can distort the Earth’s natural magnetic field and affect the health of people sleeping on them.

This is a geogram of a sleeping area I took on undisturbed land which shows a steady uniform Earth magnetic field vector that reacts positively with our body’s bioelectric system in controlling amongst other things, circadian rhythms and hormone production such as Melatonin. Scroll to bottom for recommended non-sprung mattresses.





This next image shows how a mattress with springs can distort the earth’s natural geomagnetic field causing geomagnetic anomalies which will interfere with the bodies’ natural circadian rhythms.      












Biological Effects

Each static magnetic field bump or sink on the above geogram may speed up or slow down body fluids (blood and lymphatic) in exposed areas such as the brain, heart, lung, liver, legs etc. Sleep time exposure to the same sharp variations of magnetic fields for years may induce some chronic health effect. The World Health Organisation in a health criteria report recognises interactions between variations in static magnetic fields in cellular tissues to include an induction of electrical potentials and magneto hydrodynamic effects in the circulatory systems and by direct stimulation of nerve and muscle cells even under extremely weak thresholds.

Picture of me carrying out the above experiment using a geomagnetometer connected to a laptop 

International Institute of Building Biology & Ecology Guidelines

No Anomaly: (Less than 2 degrees)   Optimal natural condition or unavoidable minimum imposed by our technological civilization and often found In homes.


Weak Anomaly:  (2 – 10 degrees) Biologically active, but no immediate risk for healthy people with an intact immune system, without chronic diseases or special sensitivities. If client is not healthy, remediation must be done.


Strong Anomaly: (10 – 100 degrees) Unacceptable biological risk for all people especially if multiple stress factors are acting together. Remediation must be done as soon as possible


Extreme Anomaly: (More than 100 degrees) A critical biological risk to all people. Remediation must be  done quickly even without the presence of multiple stress factors

About 70% of sprung mattresses are affected so it is best to test your mattress to see if the springs have distorted the earth's magnetic field. This can be done with a compass. Away from the bed and metal objects a compass should show and point to the correct magnetic north. If you move the compass along your mattress and the compass needle deviates more than 4 degree either way, north or south, then the mattress is affected.

Below is my mattress recommendations according to budget.

(I am not affiliated to any of these mattress companies: just suggestions)

All three will counter any geomagnetic anomalies to the same degree,


Relaxan; Vacuum packed:

 Mid Range

    Mattresses Latex.  :// ?  100% organic.

Upper Market  Expensive ABACA- ORGANIC:

Choose between Models: Ramsey, Newgate, Nolton, Reglan only.

Institute of Building Biology and Ecology

Check Your Mattress for Anomalies (DC) in Earth’s Geo-magnetic Field. Best using a liquid filled compass.

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