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Cost of Home EMF & Geopathic Energy Home Survey

Up to 4 bedroom House:       £295  Plus day return train to your nearest station:

5 bedroom house : £325

6 bedroom House: £365

If my total travel time is over 5 hours then add an extra £50

What the Survey Covers

  1. Surveying the house for any geopathic stress issues.

  2. Measurement of Domestic AC electric and Magnetic fields

  3. Measurement of all types of pulsed electromagnetic fields such as Wi-Fi, DECT cordless phones external phone mast and influence from neighbours.

  4. Influence of any external substations or transformers

  5. Radon Gas 

  6. Geomagnetic influences and anomalies

  7. Air quality check: Volatile Organic compounds (VOC's), formaldehyde, and Particulate matter (traffic fumes)

  8. Body voltage test

  9. A report will be generated whilst the survey is being carried out and recommendations, if any, will be made before I leave.

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