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Earthing Sheets
These  are of superior earthing quality and will not loose any conductivity through repeated washing like many other makes. I have been using mine for over 20 years and the earthing quality is as good as new. Unlike other earthing sheets that you have to sleep directly on top mine can be placed directly under the sheet you sleep on and still have the same earthing effect. Pictured is a double earthing sheet ready to be placed under the sheet you sleep on. The earthing sheet does not have to cover the whole of the bed as body contact from your sheet need only be as little as 4 inches square for the whole body to be fully earthed.

Cost. If ordering outside UK please add £12 for shipping costs

King-size;             150 x 200 cm     £185.00

Double:                 100 x 150 cm    £  98.00

Single:                   100 x 75 cm.      £  68.00

Earthing Pad;          19 x 15 cm.      £ 48.00

Order from Add to Cart above or if having problems entering  your order then just email me your order with postal address and I will send you a PayPal protected invoice. Once invoice is paid item/items are posted either same or following day from UK by first class recorded delivery usually received within 2-3 days of purchase 

See Client Feedback for effects of my earthing sheets.

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