Roy Riggs BSc: 

Electromagnetic & Geopathic Energy Consultant

International Institute of Building Biology & Ecology


Geopathic Stress, Electrosensitivity, Earthing Sheets,

A Geo-biologist [also referred to as a building biologist]  is a researcher, architect, engineer, and doctor, all in one. He or she offers a preventive and healing medicine and a creative and unifying influence. A geobiologist is a worker in the global effort to solve the problems that come from modem ways of building and settlement planning—ways that disregard nature and human culture. To work for a better and more beautiful world in any respect or form is a necessary and satisfying job. The goal of geobiology is to regain order and harmony in our surroundings: to restore the balance between nature, our buildings and ourselves and to help build bridges for the realisation of a world that is ecologically oriented. This goal calls for dynamic, idealistic, and creative people. It calls for people who appreciate deeper meanings and hold higher aspirations in life.

Electro-Stress: Can be the result of either or both of your home's internal and external electromagnetic environment.

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If you are worried to what extent you and your family's health is being affected by geopathic stress, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, mobile phone masts, 5G, air quality and more: This is the place to come.  The presentation deals principally with geobiology and building biology which together encompass the science of specific location and disease. It is a day that will explain in practical terms how your home or office space can affect your health in matters of geopathic stress and modern electromagnetic pollution.  This course will show you how to identify these energies in your homes, where it’s coming from, and what you can do to change things back to a healthy environment.

Roy Riggs has a degree in Environmental Science and has completed post graduate research abroad in both geobiology and building biology. He is an accredited Electromagnetic Field Consultant and Professional Dowser who carries out field investigations in both geopathic and electromagnetic energies within the UK and abroad including America, Saudi Ariba and South Africa. He has also been a guest lecturer on the subject of geobiology at London Westminster University, London Feng-Shui Society,The Royal Homoeopathic Hospital London and The British College of Osteopathic Medicine & Foresight The Association for the Promotion of Preconception Care.